Adam Casper's Publications

A Comprehensive Listing of Publications for Adam Casper

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  2. A. Casper and N. Brown, “On the essential unification of simulated annealing and expert systems,” Journal of Unstable Configurations, vol. 60, pp. 151–195, Aug. 2001.
  3. Y. Thomas, Q. Bhabha, A. Casper, and D. Johnson, “A methodology for the study of vacuum tubes,” in Proceedings of the WWW Conference, June 2000.
  4. J. Hartmanis and A. Casper, “Comparing the memory bus and 802.11b,” in Proceedings of the Workshop on Multimodal Technology, Dec. 2000.
  5. A. Casper, “Authenticated, large-scale configurations for wide-area networks,” in Proceedings of the Workshop on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Mar. 2000.